new to boxee?

So its spring break. Its also st patricks day, well almost on both.

this week I have no spring break plans, as usual. and i have no time off. but i do have my little bo staying with me for the week. whats that mean? I gotta look like i do cool stuff all the time, or I gotta actually do cool stuff. I would rather do the second one but work awaits. I cant just this week say im out. that wouldnt be cool.

So i also dont have cable. what? i watch enough movies. I dont need cable. I do have netflix and blockbuster online. but thats another story. neither one really help out my brother other than movies i have at the house. A guy at work was telling me about boxee. I looked into it and downloaded the newest version and now he has access to hulu and all sorts of stuff.

If you have not used boxee, its pretty neat. Its got all sorts of channels and things. Hulu, youtube, and many more are all on your tv based on mac or linux or windows if your lucky. Its pretty neat though. I think that I have watched more than anything but it gives him something to do when hes not playing games during the day.

He also informed me that he is taking a web class next year. Its just high school but i think its good to have a start in web programming so this week i will give him things to do while im at work. that way he can be ahead of the curve, or at least on par with it.

so boxee is pretty neat, and it seems to get better with each version. I would rather have a smaller footprint for my tv app so looks better than my media box but it will be an interesting thing to watch grow. if you have not seen boxee, i would recommend taking a look and see if it meets your needs for a media center. I think it seems to work better than my current one (a 360) but if it got on something like a ps3, i think that would be the most helpful and awesome solution.