more brewery code

so today I worked on the brewery code. This timeit was the web part of it. The web interface. is my main job but the technologies we use are far different than normal like we use and mvc and nhibernate and other crazyness which dilutes with ease and lazyness. I have never really made an site, not fully anyway, so it was an interesting trek.

I have learned on my way an made decisions based on current technologies, like the SOA architecture of the WCF service I made. It just seemed logical to do it that way. I used Linq a lot, and even used the Linq to SQL even though its not really being developed on anymore.

It has been an interesting ride but I now have a finished JQuery / / WCF service product that does what i need it to and looks pretty good. I just need to make some modifications so make the app submit to it rather than the MYSQL db and host the portal. then it should be good for a while in the brewery. Unless they have changes anyway.

So I guess the long story short, if you use technologies on your project, understand why you use them, Don’t just use them and be done with it. It can help you learn a lot down the line.