l337 soldering skills

I totally forgot. So my mom has had this TV since i was in high school, which was more than 10 years ago. but the thing is, it is a 65 inch TV and replacing it is less than appealing, especially during this consumer holiday “season”

The TV has an issue. This happens to be a pretty well documented issue for this TV. The issue is that its got some convergence issue. The red and blue¬† (or some say green) shadows are showing on opposite sides. so the left had red shadow and the right had blue. The solution? turns out it just needs a re-solder. the IC’s that control convergence get cold joints and then start to suck.

the previous fix that I had put into place during the thanksgiving holiday was I put a piece of hanger on the heat sink pushing, and pulling it (2 different times) into a place where it works. This is fine and dandy for a 2 minute fix but should definitely not be done long term as it just exacerbates the actual issue.

so yesterday i took the TV apart with my little bro and we re-soldered the IC responsible. it has been running all night last night and today and now tonight and it is good still.

Now i know what your thinking, why didn’t i do this first, well i didn’t have a soldering iron at thanksgiving. and also the hanger fix worked for days at a time.

long story short, her Mitsubishi might be fixed for a while (until it needs re-soldered again) or it might be a multi-day or multi-week fix. Sure she still needs a new TV, but to replace a 65″ TV would cost over 1500 bucks that just didn’t need to be spent right now.

I guess that says a lot about me because my TV was a used TV purchased for cheap because it had some over heating issues… and it works now with just a little heating help. lets hope it continues to work for a while because i don’t want to buy a new one or a new bulb right now and would rather just not have a TV if it goes out.

oh, and my seeed studio order shipped so my Sparkfun button pad should be up and running soon (6-14 days, Hong Kong post shipping time frame)


It’s Xmas time again

So it’s xmas, thats right ‘Ehx’-mas, there is no christ in chirstmas anymore. its a total consumer holiday.¬† Christ wasn’t even born today. but I digress.

It is a consumer holiday, and this year I took part. It gives me a chance to buy stuff for my little brother. Even though I want to play with it.

He got a computer from mom so that was fun because we built it together. I may have done most of the work but I think he may have learned a thing or two.

Plus I got him rockband 2 so now i can get back my rockband 1 and my tattered and now abused drum kit. But at least i can get it back and start to play again. He is getting too good, and I am not ashamed to admit that he is now better than me.

As for stuff i got, i got some rockin bar-ware and a sweet digital multi meter, and some slap ya mama, and the best gift of all Logic! yeah, Logic, its a logic analyzer that hooks up to your computer. its pretty bdass and will help me with my new found hobby of electronics.

Also I got some handy hands, 2 sets at that, so now there will not have to be any more akward holding of soldering iron, component and pcb. woot.

Well, this thing is setup now so i am going to go play rockband 2 and get my stuff together and clean up and maybe grab a bite.