updates updates updates

man have I been busy. I have tons of ideas for stuff I want to do, just need to get more time in the day to do it. The marathon has come and gone so now I wont need to run, but I will still run just to keep in shape.

the latest project ideas and directions of study are the LED Touch Sensor demonstrated by Jeff Han of NYU http://bit.ly/Kbq2u
and I want to make an open source motor speed controller driven by pwm but thats going to require a little more research.
then there is a sweet project by some guy at MIT that uses static electricity for sensing where stuff is. http://bit.ly/lhF8B
then there are a few tiny things that pop into my head at random times but for now, i need to ensure work gets priority and then i can play.

Blogs will also be double posted between here and the work blog, since i guess we have a work blog now but I will try not to abandon (again) this one because its a good place for me to keep brain dumps, since no one reads it but me anyway.