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so last week i decided to update my iatkos dell precision m6300 to 10.5.6 and with that, came some more issues. the net card stopped working and the keyboard built in stopped working. I could still use usb but whats the point of a laptop if you require peripheral devices that are not integrated?

this weekend i was digging around and looking at a way to justify the hundred and some odd bucks i paid for osx. I found a new release of modified install and throught I would try it out. IPC is the name of this one and it interested me because a.) it was 10.5.6 and b.) it was a live dvd which meant i could test the waters before installing.

after getting it, i burnt the disc and plopped it in. Tried booting the way that is recommended but cannot seem to get the live disk portion to work on my laptop or my home made box. What I ended up doing was dumping my windows 7 partition and installed IPC next to iATKOS on different partitions to try it out.

After the millions of combination’s to choose from, i had a pretty good idea of what my hardware is so picking wasn’t too bad. the isntall took a while and then the required reboot with the -f and then i was golden…except…i still had no audio (which i didnt before) no keyboard and no network…

google to the rescue found some patches for my sigmatel 9205 and i noticed on dell there was a bios upgrade from my current A10 to A12. Now you may think its odd to have checked that, but in my first endeavor of getting osx on my laptop, i was unable to do so and noticed a bios upgrade so i grabbed it. then next thing i knew, all my distros were booting to the installer then, sweet!

after the up to A12, the wireless started working. nice! and the sigmatel kext i found worked after a few steps with applehda patcher. and last but not least i got a modded apple ps2 kext and threw it in, and now all is well. I have sound, network and integrated keyboard/mouse support! I can start writing iphone stuffs again.


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