another one down

during the quiet afternoon i have had so far messing with my laptop, the doorbell rang today. some kid with a pitbull was on my porch and immediately I think “oh shit, how did this kid and dog get past Lelu?” but i answered. The kid was holding his dog and told my that my dog had gotten away.

there were only 2 possibilities. 1.) she broke the leash line, which has happened before. or 2.) she broke yet another choker.

it was 2. only this time there was nothing to photograph because the only thing on the leash line was the ring and a few links of the choker. the clothe had given out and went with the choker.

so now i have to find a better choker to keep her on, or just not let her go in the front yard, but that will break my heart because she will be pouting around the house all the time until she gets her way…


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