Where do you go after you run?

So yesterday I had to get away. I had to get the brew software done and working and I had to be somewhere that I wouldn’t have my usual distractions.

I couldn’t go to work,well i could have, but thats on the other side of town, so I went to the next best, closest, place. Panera Bread! its about .6 miles from my house, and I jog by there occasionally, but I never have thought about stopping in to get something after the jog.

As I sat there in the first booth by the door, I would see the people coming and going. Most of them looked like a normal crowd for such a place but as the sun came down the crowd started to differ. There were loads of hot chicks in running gear.

I am no fashionista or anything, but I am pretty sure little running shorts and a skin tight top is not casual apparel for the normal hang out with friends routine. But there were loads of people (hot chicks ranging in age from barely legal to still do-able mom) and they were decked out in their Nike’s best.

I guess its a good after run stop. Replenish carbs and get energy for the night. It is just not a place that I would have thought to stop by after a run. Oh well, it was a nice view though.


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