Earthquake OKC…or just a dropped bomb

So according to the USGS, and everyone in oklahoma city, we had an earthquake today.

was it? was it really an earth quake? sure why not. we get like 5 or so a year. only this one was a 3.4. and this one was accompanied with a “boom” sound.

you will see reports on the koco site about the lady they interviewed. I had a friend that had a similar story of it sounding like something huge jumped onto the house. or some sort of boom sound accompanied with the earth quake.

Does anyone realize where the epicenter was? I do, it was less than 4 miles from Tinker AFB… Doesn’t that seem odd to anyone else? I mean how many earth quakes have you been in and heard a loud boom that accompanied it. short of an earth quake that was bringing down buildings or messing stuff up, none that I have heard of, but i guess then again i do live in oklahoma and they are just not all that common.

So is it so odd to think that it isn’t natural at all? sure we have had larger ones hit, like the 5.5 in 1992. but usually they are all smaller. like less than three and usually near 2. maybe tinker is digging. maybe they hit some fault line with their secret end of the world tunnels. maybe someone didnt have their coffee this morning and when they were pushing that cart with some sort of warhead on it into the storage bunker, they nicked a wall and an earthquake was made. or maybe it was just an earth quake in oklahoma city.

here is the usgs page about it where they have a google maps link.


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