another one down

during the quiet afternoon i have had so far messing with my laptop, the doorbell rang today. some kid with a pitbull was on my porch and immediately I think “oh shit, how did this kid and dog get past Lelu?” but i answered. The kid was holding his dog and told my that my dog had gotten away.

there were only 2 possibilities. 1.) she broke the leash line, which has happened before. or 2.) she broke yet another choker.

it was 2. only this time there was nothing to photograph because the only thing on the leash line was the ring and a few links of the choker. the clothe had given out and went with the choker.

so now i have to find a better choker to keep her on, or just not let her go in the front yard, but that will break my heart because she will be pouting around the house all the time until she gets her way…


mac news

so last week i decided to update my iatkos dell precision m6300 to 10.5.6 and with that, came some more issues. the net card stopped working and the keyboard built in stopped working. I could still use usb but whats the point of a laptop if you require peripheral devices that are not integrated?

this weekend i was digging around and looking at a way to justify the hundred and some odd bucks i paid for osx. I found a new release of modified install and throught I would try it out. IPC is the name of this one and it interested me because a.) it was 10.5.6 and b.) it was a live dvd which meant i could test the waters before installing.

after getting it, i burnt the disc and plopped it in. Tried booting the way that is recommended but cannot seem to get the live disk portion to work on my laptop or my home made box. What I ended up doing was dumping my windows 7 partition and installed IPC next to iATKOS on different partitions to try it out.

After the millions of combination’s to choose from, i had a pretty good idea of what my hardware is so picking wasn’t too bad. the isntall took a while and then the required reboot with the -f and then i was golden…except…i still had no audio (which i didnt before) no keyboard and no network…

google to the rescue found some patches for my sigmatel 9205 and i noticed on dell there was a bios upgrade from my current A10 to A12. Now you may think its odd to have checked that, but in my first endeavor of getting osx on my laptop, i was unable to do so and noticed a bios upgrade so i grabbed it. then next thing i knew, all my distros were booting to the installer then, sweet!

after the up to A12, the wireless started working. nice! and the sigmatel kext i found worked after a few steps with applehda patcher. and last but not least i got a modded apple ps2 kext and threw it in, and now all is well. I have sound, network and integrated keyboard/mouse support! I can start writing iphone stuffs again.

more brewery code

so today I worked on the brewery code. This timeit was the web part of it. The web interface. is my main job but the technologies we use are far different than normal like we use and mvc and nhibernate and other crazyness which dilutes with ease and lazyness. I have never really made an site, not fully anyway, so it was an interesting trek.

I have learned on my way an made decisions based on current technologies, like the SOA architecture of the WCF service I made. It just seemed logical to do it that way. I used Linq a lot, and even used the Linq to SQL even though its not really being developed on anymore.

It has been an interesting ride but I now have a finished JQuery / / WCF service product that does what i need it to and looks pretty good. I just need to make some modifications so make the app submit to it rather than the MYSQL db and host the portal. then it should be good for a while in the brewery. Unless they have changes anyway.

So I guess the long story short, if you use technologies on your project, understand why you use them, Don’t just use them and be done with it. It can help you learn a lot down the line.

new to boxee?

So its spring break. Its also st patricks day, well almost on both.

this week I have no spring break plans, as usual. and i have no time off. but i do have my little bo staying with me for the week. whats that mean? I gotta look like i do cool stuff all the time, or I gotta actually do cool stuff. I would rather do the second one but work awaits. I cant just this week say im out. that wouldnt be cool.

So i also dont have cable. what? i watch enough movies. I dont need cable. I do have netflix and blockbuster online. but thats another story. neither one really help out my brother other than movies i have at the house. A guy at work was telling me about boxee. I looked into it and downloaded the newest version and now he has access to hulu and all sorts of stuff.

If you have not used boxee, its pretty neat. Its got all sorts of channels and things. Hulu, youtube, and many more are all on your tv based on mac or linux or windows if your lucky. Its pretty neat though. I think that I have watched more than anything but it gives him something to do when hes not playing games during the day.

He also informed me that he is taking a web class next year. Its just high school but i think its good to have a start in web programming so this week i will give him things to do while im at work. that way he can be ahead of the curve, or at least on par with it.

so boxee is pretty neat, and it seems to get better with each version. I would rather have a smaller footprint for my tv app so looks better than my media box but it will be an interesting thing to watch grow. if you have not seen boxee, i would recommend taking a look and see if it meets your needs for a media center. I think it seems to work better than my current one (a 360) but if it got on something like a ps3, i think that would be the most helpful and awesome solution.

Where do you go after you run?

So yesterday I had to get away. I had to get the brew software done and working and I had to be somewhere that I wouldn’t have my usual distractions.

I couldn’t go to work,well i could have, but thats on the other side of town, so I went to the next best, closest, place. Panera Bread! its about .6 miles from my house, and I jog by there occasionally, but I never have thought about stopping in to get something after the jog.

As I sat there in the first booth by the door, I would see the people coming and going. Most of them looked like a normal crowd for such a place but as the sun came down the crowd started to differ. There were loads of hot chicks in running gear.

I am no fashionista or anything, but I am pretty sure little running shorts and a skin tight top is not casual apparel for the normal hang out with friends routine. But there were loads of people (hot chicks ranging in age from barely legal to still do-able mom) and they were decked out in their Nike’s best.

I guess its a good after run stop. Replenish carbs and get energy for the night. It is just not a place that I would have thought to stop by after a run. Oh well, it was a nice view though.


so went to the brewery today to hook up the monitoring stuff.

got it out, hooked it up to a tank. went to the computer. plugged in the xbee explorer. had to download the FTDI drivers, but that was expected. copied the software over. CRASH!

so I am sitting there like WTF then started to wonder about updates on their machine. and sure enough they didnt have .NET 3.5 or the SP1 so my app couldn’t find System.Linq and I couldn’t compile it into a .Net 2.0 project because I am using Linq.

today was the first time I have actually used my Publish feature on a project. it allowed me to select dependencies and .Net 3.5 SP1 was already selected so I published it and copied it over and ran the “Installer” and it of course needed to add .Net 3.5 SP1.

once it got everything installed we started it up and started monitoring the tank we plugged in and the temperature on the tank was 192. WHAT?!?! so either in the time it took us to walk from the back of the brewery to the front, the tank went up to near boiling, or the readings were wrong.

so as it turns out, the voltage readings between modules were different… I am not sure how that happens and it makes me wonder how accurate those things really are but between the one I got to test on, and the one strapped to a tank, it was reporting different temps.

So now what? I guess I am going to either switch to the LM35 or the DS1822 One Wire sensors. I have both of those laying around.

what does that mean, well it means i have to make a new enclosure for the sensor and inject it into the same port their temp sensor is in.

I guess another good thing that came out of it was I now have a better idea of what all they want to monitor. They want ambient room temps, outside temps, cold room temps AND tank temps. So I am going to be working on this stuff for a while.

Im thinking the arduino is a little overboard for what I need since i can just get an ATMega and some sort of wireless chip and communicate but for now, this works fine. well, once we get our own sensors in there.

Earthquake OKC…or just a dropped bomb

So according to the USGS, and everyone in oklahoma city, we had an earthquake today.

was it? was it really an earth quake? sure why not. we get like 5 or so a year. only this one was a 3.4. and this one was accompanied with a “boom” sound.

you will see reports on the koco site about the lady they interviewed. I had a friend that had a similar story of it sounding like something huge jumped onto the house. or some sort of boom sound accompanied with the earth quake.

Does anyone realize where the epicenter was? I do, it was less than 4 miles from Tinker AFB… Doesn’t that seem odd to anyone else? I mean how many earth quakes have you been in and heard a loud boom that accompanied it. short of an earth quake that was bringing down buildings or messing stuff up, none that I have heard of, but i guess then again i do live in oklahoma and they are just not all that common.

So is it so odd to think that it isn’t natural at all? sure we have had larger ones hit, like the 5.5 in 1992. but usually they are all smaller. like less than three and usually near 2. maybe tinker is digging. maybe they hit some fault line with their secret end of the world tunnels. maybe someone didnt have their coffee this morning and when they were pushing that cart with some sort of warhead on it into the storage bunker, they nicked a wall and an earthquake was made. or maybe it was just an earth quake in oklahoma city.

here is the usgs page about it where they have a google maps link.