what do people think of you?

So today was a normal day. Everything is bouncing along ok. Productivity is up and things are going smooth. Then a co-worker comes over to chit-chat about random things. He asks me if I have read a blog entry relating to development, which i hadn’t, and then tells me I should read it because “[blogger guys name] is the smartest guy I know next to you.”

Now, I am a modest person. I don’t go spouting off that I know anything and everything. I don’t feel comfortable claiming intelligence because a.) you then become more accountable for things and b.) you then become the first source to ask about things. i.e. lazy people will start asking you everything.

After he said that I thought, and said, I don’t know how to take that. Was he joking around? How serious was he? Have I given off the totally wrong impression of myself? Maybe my peers think I am a cocky douche-bag. I don’t want to be that guy, we already have one of those in the office. I just want to be me. But what is that?

Anyway, apparently I am thought of higher than I might think I am. But in this instance I cannot help but to think back of a conversation I had with another co-worker talking about the douche-bag. It basically went like the D-bag doesn’t know what he doesn’t know which made him a junior developer despite his x years of service as a contractor. So I got to thinking, what does it mean if you don’t know what you DO know? To which my colleague said, that means your a junior developer. So I posted myself as a junior developer. It’s only fair. I have only been developing for work for a 14 months and anything before that for 3 and a half years was just personal tinkering where I wasn’t bound by any specific regulations or deadlines.

So here I am, Junior Developer that is second among brains to this Microsoft employee on the MVC team. how do you like that?


seeedstudio catalyst pack

so i just got through ordering an illuminato but those guys over at seeed studio’s have done something else cool. They have posted what they are calling the catalyst pack. Whats in it? jump on over and check it out.

Seeed Studio Catalyst Pack

as you can see, its got tons of stuff. It looks like its 80 bucks but you get everything you would spend that much on anyway. looks like some other options on the pack is for an extra 10 bucks, you get the arduino getting started book. and you opt out of getting the seeeduino and save 25 bucks.

That sounds like a deal to me but i guess it all depends on your budget for your hobbies. this would be a great kit for a class to use to do many different things from basic programming of micro controllers, to basic robotics core platforms.

get the kit less the seeeduino and then get an illuminato and you got yourself a handy little beginning. A side not on the illuminato is that they are still being hand made so they are on backorder (hopefully mine went out normal order, but i am waiting to hear about that) but you can still order them to get delivered as soon as february for $35 or march for $30 or april for $25.

The Illuminato

No, thats not a typo. its a sweet new open source hardware board based roughly on the arduino boards only it has twice the … well everything except USB.

I grabbed one, will throw up some pics on flickr when i get it but I cannot wait. It might be the board I use on the brewery stuff but i need to play with it first.

the blog about it can be found here

The Illuminato