the roof over your head

so today i woke up to a surprise, I woke up to my door bell ringing twice. This apparently is the trademark of the people doing my roof. so unless they have parkinson’s or something, they always ring the doorbell twice.

this is good though. i needed a new roof. the only problem is now I gotta fork over 7k for the roof. but at least i will have a new roof in time for the next hail storm.

also my bro is staying with me so that’s fun. I planned out the week of food and tonight we had spaghetti which was especially awesome, like I always do. but I made big meat balls tonight and they were delicious. Little bro didn’t like them as much but he did go back and get more spaghetti which is an accomplishment in itself.

we planned out the week and got some movies so we watched eagle eye and kung fu panda tonight. both good movies. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing eagle eye again and that says a lot, for me anyway.


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