the roof over your head

so today i woke up to a surprise, I woke up to my door bell ringing twice. This apparently is the trademark of the people doing my roof. so unless they have parkinson’s or something, they always ring the doorbell twice.

this is good though. i needed a new roof. the only problem is now I gotta fork over 7k for the roof. but at least i will have a new roof in time for the next hail storm.

also my bro is staying with me so that’s fun. I planned out the week of food and tonight we had spaghetti which was especially awesome, like I always do. but I made big meat balls tonight and they were delicious. Little bro didn’t like them as much but he did go back and get more spaghetti which is an accomplishment in itself.

we planned out the week and got some movies so we watched eagle eye and kung fu panda tonight. both good movies. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing eagle eye again and that says a lot, for me anyway.



So in my endeavor to learn more in life, like lots of people I have decided to dig into the world of iPhone apps.

I don’t actually have and iPhone but I do have an iPod Touch so I can develop on that for trial things and then when the time comes that I need to make a full blown iPhone App Store app, I will have some of the know-how that is required.

My latest task is to actually learn more about Objective C++ so that I could get approved through the App Store if I applied and followed their coding standards. The way I started out learning it is I just installed the iPhone SDK, got a Touch off of ebay that was broke but for my purposes works for app testing, and then dove in.

I wrote a test app to play with the accelerometer and that was pretty fun. My second App is a switch that turns the Wireless device on and off so that you can just run it and either see the state of the wireless device or turn it on or off.

Now some friends have come up with a few ideas for iPhone apps that I won’t disclose just yet but they will definitely be beyond my current abilities. That is why I thought it best to get the basics down of Objective C++ and do so via a real learning device like an ebook. this way I can look at apps and actually tell people what they do and what the real flow is, rather than just guess at what happens and what each line does.

l337 soldering skills

I totally forgot. So my mom has had this TV since i was in high school, which was more than 10 years ago. but the thing is, it is a 65 inch TV and replacing it is less than appealing, especially during this consumer holiday “season”

The TV has an issue. This happens to be a pretty well documented issue for this TV. The issue is that its got some convergence issue. The red and blue¬† (or some say green) shadows are showing on opposite sides. so the left had red shadow and the right had blue. The solution? turns out it just needs a re-solder. the IC’s that control convergence get cold joints and then start to suck.

the previous fix that I had put into place during the thanksgiving holiday was I put a piece of hanger on the heat sink pushing, and pulling it (2 different times) into a place where it works. This is fine and dandy for a 2 minute fix but should definitely not be done long term as it just exacerbates the actual issue.

so yesterday i took the TV apart with my little bro and we re-soldered the IC responsible. it has been running all night last night and today and now tonight and it is good still.

Now i know what your thinking, why didn’t i do this first, well i didn’t have a soldering iron at thanksgiving. and also the hanger fix worked for days at a time.

long story short, her Mitsubishi might be fixed for a while (until it needs re-soldered again) or it might be a multi-day or multi-week fix. Sure she still needs a new TV, but to replace a 65″ TV would cost over 1500 bucks that just didn’t need to be spent right now.

I guess that says a lot about me because my TV was a used TV purchased for cheap because it had some over heating issues… and it works now with just a little heating help. lets hope it continues to work for a while because i don’t want to buy a new one or a new bulb right now and would rather just not have a TV if it goes out.

oh, and my seeed studio order shipped so my Sparkfun button pad should be up and running soon (6-14 days, Hong Kong post shipping time frame)

It’s Xmas time again

So it’s xmas, thats right ‘Ehx’-mas, there is no christ in chirstmas anymore. its a total consumer holiday.¬† Christ wasn’t even born today. but I digress.

It is a consumer holiday, and this year I took part. It gives me a chance to buy stuff for my little brother. Even though I want to play with it.

He got a computer from mom so that was fun because we built it together. I may have done most of the work but I think he may have learned a thing or two.

Plus I got him rockband 2 so now i can get back my rockband 1 and my tattered and now abused drum kit. But at least i can get it back and start to play again. He is getting too good, and I am not ashamed to admit that he is now better than me.

As for stuff i got, i got some rockin bar-ware and a sweet digital multi meter, and some slap ya mama, and the best gift of all Logic! yeah, Logic, its a logic analyzer that hooks up to your computer. its pretty bdass and will help me with my new found hobby of electronics.

Also I got some handy hands, 2 sets at that, so now there will not have to be any more akward holding of soldering iron, component and pcb. woot.

Well, this thing is setup now so i am going to go play rockband 2 and get my stuff together and clean up and maybe grab a bite.